Ben Nevis Summit

Anyone contemplating the endurance of the Three Peaks Challenge should possibly consider consulting the dictionary for a few evocative words when searching for vocabulary to use on their postcards to describe their Three Peaks Challenge Experience.

The first word to consider would be “experience”. When used as a noun, the word experience is defined as follows: A particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. Therefore, when used in conjunction with a Mountain and Glen Three Peaks Challenge, your sentence when describing the views atop each mountain peak would probably read something along the lines of, “My experience with Mountain and Glen when I undertook the Three Peaks Challenge was awesome, breath-taking and totally overwhelming”.
Naturally, the word “experience” can also be used as a verb, which the dictionary defines as follows: To have experience of or to feel. So an appropriate use of the word as a verb would be, for instance, “ To experience the Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen is, without doubt, an experience not to be missed.”

Another word which a Three Peaks Challenge would bring to mind would be “Memories”. This is a noun which is defined by the dictionary as follows: A mental impression retained; a recollection and so a possible sentence when used in conjunction of your Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen would be, “My memories of the Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen are priceless.”

However, one of my favourite words to use when describing a Mountain and Glen Three Peaks Challenge is “emotions”. This word truly does encapsulate all that one would expect when undertaking such an event as The Three Peaks Challenge.

Undeniably, a whole gamut of emotions will be experienced as you undertake your Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen, from security and well-being, through to sheer joy and elation, with at the end of your Three Peaks Challenge, a sense of sadness and a touch of sorrow.

Security and wellbeing? You may well ask why would these words would come into the equation? Well, with any Mountain and Glen Three Peaks Challenge trip you are very safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of experienced mountain leaders who have a wealth of knowledge, leaving you to enjoy your event with total confidence.

The joy and elation are obvious words to choose when you reach the peak of each mountain in the Three Peaks Challenge, and do not particularly require expansion upon, but as you experience the utter bliss and the sense of calm and tranquillity atop each mount, it is only natural to retreat into yourself and contemplate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

The sadness and sorrow? Well, perhaps these words are a tad dramatic, but anyone experiencing the Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen are sure to feel a touch of sorrow at the end of their expedition, leaving the wondrous views behind and “coming back to reality”, but they might actually be a little too exhausted to think about those particular words at the end of their Challenge!

And lastly, how about another word thrown in for good measure? Let’s have the word “anticipation”. Just imagine the sheer sense of expectation and excitement you will experience as you plan your next Three Peaks Challenge with Mountain and Glen!