Three Peaks Challenge

We list 2 or 3 season boots on our kit list for the Three Peaks Challenge but we often get asked the question if this is really necessary and if wearing trainers or approach shoes would be okay.

The straight answer to this is no!

The reason is that whilst trainers and approach shoes (like a trainer but with an aggressive sole) are adequate for lower-level terrain in dry conditions they lack sufficient ankle support for the terrain you will encounter on this Challenge. They also often lack the grip needed to safely ascend the mountains in wet weather, which is vital for your safety.

We strongly advise the wearing of a two or three season walking boot with a good sole unit, ankle support and padding.
Additionally it is important that your boots have been correctly fitted to minimise the possibility of blisters, hot-spots or pressure injuries. It is vitally important that your boots have been broken-in before the challenge. Wearing new boots around the house for a few days may be sufficient to achieve this, but we would advise trying them on the hill before the Challenge. Consider also purchasing a pair of insoles to add additional cushioning.

All the training in the world for your Three Peaks Challenge can be quickly undone by not looking after your feet and your boots play a key part in this.